About Us

Our Story

CPC Screen Printing is a social enterprise of CPC Behavioral Healthcare that provides consumers of mental health services in Monmouth County with employment opportunities. We provide excellent customer service and create a high quality product while also helping others, providing skill development, and rebuilding lives.

CPC saw a need for mental health consumers to learn job skills and participate in meaningful community-based employment. While there are few employment opportunities available in the traditional labor market for individuals with mental health disorders, CPC Screen Printing is proud to have provided employment and workforce entry through a sustainable social enterprise business model. Since it’s creation, CPC Screen Printing has employed 30 consumers, printed over 98,000 shirts, and satisfied hundreds of customers.

Since 1960, CPC Behavioral Healthcare has been dedicated to providing health and education services that promote wellness, recovery, and productive lives. Today, CPC provides these mental health, addiction and special education services to over 8,000 individuals.

CPC Screen Printing